Original Grafic Artwork

Original Graphic Artwork is called, the result of transferring an image created by an artist in or on various media such as wood stone, metal, synthetics, silk and so on. to another medium, usually paper or cloth, all with different techniques such as etching or engraving (woodcut, lithography and intaglio printing) or screen printing

In the III International Congress of Artists held in 1960 in the Austrian capital, Vienna, established among others, the following principles that define what is called Original Graphic:
• The artist must work directly on the original plate.
• Each engraved or silkscreen prints must be signed by the artist, bringing each of them showing the total circulation and its unique serial number.
It is an exclusive right of the artist determine the total number of engravings or reproductions, whatever the printing technique that used to replay the plate or original.
• The printing can be done by the artist or by another person, in which case his name might appear to the left of the name or signature of the author.
• After the printing plates will be canceled with a hallmark.
• Evidence of state (P / E) and artist (P / A) should be limited to 10% of the total number of printed edition or / serigraphs.
• They are not considered original artwork, copies made by photomechanical process




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