Biography of the engraver.

Born in Madrid in 1948.


Already in his early school years, was encouraged by their teachers who see in him certain artistic skills, which inform their father.

Being "other times" and more inclined family traditions for the offices, finally entering the Institution Virgen de la Paloma in Madrid from where, and after four years, it would set the course of his life.

Restless man works here and there in various parts of the Spanish geography, makes trips to Europe and the two Americas and could be found today working in the Aviation Industry and tomorrow in the Chemical and Laboratories, Computer, or Automobile one.

In his mind is always that concern about the lights and shadows, shapes and contours.

Walking paths and coinciding with his arrival in Andalucia in 1990 this man, I, decided to spend more time on what really ever gave me more satisfactions, the art, art that I understand must be simple, take my pencil and start drawing as it always did, drawing once more for pleasure.

For years, I test the "pastel" paintings, whose technique and in relation to color is the one that best suits my character. As part of the pastel, I tried to play (with the exception of abstract figurative or other techniques) almost all fields, landscape, portrait, nude etc.

As the technique, the pastel a very interesting world but... it was not certainly satisfied me most, which prompted me to seek something new and that really could focus my interest for long periods of time.

This came to me face to face with something that had no too much documentation  (or I have not been able to find much), and whose technique was simple as I've always liked.

And here I was up to his eyebrows in a new field called
pen and ink technique.

In those years of travel by the technique of pen and its difficulties, I must say it is a challenging technique in which I start with more fears that precautions, ending with a bond of love when I could see, and somehow measure, its huge force.

Pure white color which provides the foil you had to dominate, you had to give way, you had to highlight even if possible, beyond this initial state, and in other cases had to merge it with semitones until its total extinction, the task was and still is, exciting, because this is a technique where it is difficult to fool the eyes triying to focus on other details puting this or that out a little more "warm". Here the rules are limited to the simplest expression, black and white.

Being a self-taught man, I never liked to participate in collective and individual exhibitions in their own right for several reasons, first because I understand there are so many great artists and forged accomplished in this beautiful "job" as to not even approach his work not with due respect for trying to learn something of what they have achieved with great effort and sacrifice.

There is a secondary reason, which is that I never stopped "working" for the industry, and that has freed me to present to sell my original work, which always felt like these little children that one would like to have by his side .

If I participated in some exhibitions, was finally at the insistence of friends who have asked for my help, and how could it be otherwise, I was happy and I will be there, every time they ask me.

Currently, and it's been many years since I started this new journey, I am heavily involved in something that I always was fascinated. The Engraving.

How those men of 1400 and previous could do those works so refined? With what materials and tools? After seeing the great works of Durer, the great and lengthy Doré illustrations or the "simple" and kind work of Botey Esteve, I looked at my pen ink drawings and wondering me what is the difference between a pen work and an engraving whether in appearance are the same? and so I began to distinguish between a wood engraving, lithography or intaglio printing, the one who made it and how, how to reach the mirror polished surfaces of the materials, the use of tools is and how to use a small press, why you have to wet the paper, until what degree, and so very broad.

All this took me long periods of continuous testing and questioning whether the simplification of methods, tools, materials, would be against his own "spirit" of engraving Could "modernize" the engravings and current techniques?.

I gathered all the knowledge acquired in other professions throughout my life, I tried to add an artistic sense of the great masters and that ... I left at rest for many days, months ...

Slowly and slowly I was embarking on new paths, a wrong ones that necessarily I had to rectify retracing the steps, and others that contained the seeds of improvement, today after the great and long essays I can offer my modest contribution to this magnificent public that enjoys with the art, and into the etching, an engraving made by the technique called "dry point."

Simple materials and time, as always intended.

Both have been and are the crucible in which every day, my work is born with the desire to present you always humbly, as it is conceived.

My sincere greetings.

Angel Berihuete




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